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Learn Asalato


This web page will teach you everything you need to know about learning Asalato.


Never heard about Asalato?
What's Asalato?

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This web page was created for only one reason.

To teach people how fun Asalato is!

There are still a lot of people who do not know the beauty of Asalato.
Maybe because they don't know where to buy Asalato, or not knowing what Asalato can do.
Maybe its simply because they never even heard about Asalato.

Well, if you are one of those people, you are at the right place!
This web page will teach you the Asalato History, Tips, Tricks, Rhythms, and more.

I hope all Asalato lovers will visit this web page.



Currently, this website is tring to grow bigger and better so that more people can learn Asalato in a fun way!

I believe this website has a lot of potential, but there are still a lot of works and changes to be done to make this website into a better shape.

If you have an information you want to share or an idea that you think will help this website, please feel free to contact the web-master and send him some ideas/opinion/feedbacks !

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Thank :)

Different Names for Asalato

African Shaky Egg, Aoka, Aslatua, Bakayo, Cas-Cas Shaker, Cha Cha,Click-Clack-Calabash Rattle, Dopplerassel, Ishratua, Kash Kasha, Kassang, Kassang, Koko Rattle, Kosso Kossoni, Kangaroo, Kasso Kasso, Kasso Kassoni, Kitikpo, Kpon Kpon, N'chakala, Patica, Petit Balafon, Po Po, Shak Shaka, Shake, Shake, Salicaba, Salogoba, Televi, Terebi, Thelevi Twin Ball Rattle, Twin Ball Rattle.

and maybe more...