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About buying an Asalato


First Asalato

Everyone who plays Asalato have experienced the moment of getting their very first Asalato. Some people might found at a store or maybe someone it to you.

In my case, I got it from my friend which is also my Asalato teacher. He only had four Asalato with him at that moment, but he went ahead and gave me two of his Asalato.

After a lot of practice, one of the Asalato started to make a weird sound and eventually cracked. Back in that days I had no connection getting a new Asalato, so I had to tape it, glue it, shield it, cover it, and did everything I can do to extend its life.

Asalato does not last forever like some other instruments. It is something that has to be renewed every once in a while.


Asalato Price

Price for one Asalato (one hand) is about $10 ~ $30 if you buy it from online. If you are lucky enough to find one at some instrument shop, you might be able to get it for $6 ~ $8 or so.

Asalato price really depends on its quality. I have bought a lot of Asalato from different places for different prices and conclude that spending little more money for better Asalato is worth it.


Quality of Asalato

Good quality Asalato are great in several reasons, such as,
- Matching ball size
- Matching ball weight
- Clean washed
- String length are adjustable
- Using good material for the shaker ( seeds and beans )
- Smooth ball surface
- No cracks
- Last longer
- Great hit sound
- Using good string
- etc....

Because of these reasons, it is better to buy a higher quality Asalato even though you find a cheaper unknown Asalato. Trust me with this one, because I have experienced buying a cheap Asalato that cracked in 30min and spilling sand and rocks everywhere...


Where to buy then?

Personally, I fully trust most of the Japanese Online Asalato shops. All of my Asalato are from Japan, and I never been disappointed with what they sends me.

To be honest, yes it is expensive. Shipping cost, tax, and Yen -> Dollar rate change can be pain in the ass. However, it is also important to understand that better things come with higher price.

If you really don't have the money but you want a pair of Asalato, it might be a good idea buying a plastic Asalato called Patica.

Recommended Online Asalato Shops