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Asalato Practice Steps

practiceThis section is for people who want to know what is the over all practice steps of Asalato looks like.

In another words, you can learn what kind of practice you will expect in the future.

I'm writing this depending on my experience, so this is not the only way to practice Asalato.
If you have your own way of practicing, go for it!

Now, let's start!line


Start out with using only which ever one hand you are comfortable with. You first want to enjoy the tricks and get used to the movements.

Step 1 : Learn the tricks.

The first thing is first, you want to learn and understand the tricks. There are many tricks in Asalato but learning all of them will take a long time. At the beginning, focus on only four basic tricks, which are Flip Flop, Grab, Heli, and Air Turn.
These four are the core of Asalato, especially the Flip Flop!

--- Also Shakes, Den Den, and Clicks if you have time. (and maybe Peace too for fun!)




Step 2 : Practice, practice, and practice!

Be very strict about the forms and success rate of the tricks. In the future, you most likely going to repeat those tricks 1000 times more than what you already have done, so make sure you are doing it correctly at this point.
Also increase the success rate of the tricks so that you can do it when ever you want to.

--- At least able to do each tricks 20 times without messing up before going to the next step.




Step 3 : Mix and Match

Once you are comfortable with each tricks, now try mixing and matching the tricks.
For example, do Flip Flop -> Heli -> repeat, or Heli -> Heli -> Air Turn -> repeat.
It is not easy at the beginning because your brain is not used to immediately switching from one trick to another.

--- Also try, Flip Flop -> Grab, Flip Flop -> Air Turn, Flip -> Heli -> Flop -> Flop Heli, so on...




Extra : Practice cool tricks for fun!

Learn cool/hard tricks that you want to show off your friends! Just have fun doing crazy tricks like Dead End or Hong Kong. You could also start practicing throws if you have the potential.

--- Don't get too into it and forget about practicing the basics.



Step 1 : Teach your other hand what you can do

Now its time to teach your other hand. One of your hand (right hand) is the teacher now and the other hand (left hand) is the student. Even though your left hand doesn't move as the way you wanted to, you know its just a matter of time because you already done it with your right hand!
Teach the important tricks and practice over and over until your left hand moves like your right hand.

--- It's okay if your left hand is not 100%. It will come along when you start doing Dual Asalato. To be honest, I still have problem doing Peace with my left hand....




Step 2 : Synchronize both hand movements

You probably already done this at the previous step, but the way I practiced is by doing a same move with among two hands.
So, Flip Flop with two hands, Air Turn with two hands, Heli with two hands,,, and so on.
Keep repeating the same move and match the shake move (elbow move) of both hands.




Step 3 : Do a different tricks among two hands

Keep the synchronize, but do different tricks. For example, Left : Heli, Right : Flip Flop.
What you want to learn from this step is that different tricks matches when you keep the shake movement.
With the above example, you will start noticing that the left hand does 3 Heli while right hand does 1 Flip Flop. If you start feel and understand these relation between different tricks, Asalato will be 100 times fun.

--- 2 Heli and 1 Air Turn matches, also 3 Air Turn and 2 Flip Flop matches too.




Extra : Start creating your original one hand combinations.

There are a lot of combinations you can practice. I only posted few of them on this website, but understand there are almost infinite possible combinations you can do with different tricks.
These combinations will be used a lot when making a rhythms, so it is a good idea creating a lot of your original combinations.

--- Triangle was my original and I still use it a lot! Love it!



to be continued...