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Spin Direction

Naming the spinning direction of Asalato is very useful when explaining the Asalato tricks.

There are only two spinning directions in Asalato.

I would like to use Flip Flop terms to declare which way the Asalato is moving.


Flip Spin

Please look at your right hand.

The direction from the little finger to the thumb going through behind the hand is the Flip Spin direction.

Flip Spin is the direction more used in Asalato.

When we are talking about the tricks, the trick is usually in the Flip Spin.

For example, Air Turn is actually called "Flip Air Turn" but we just shorten it up and say Air Turn.
Same with Heli. It is correctly Flip Heli, but we all know Flip Spin direction is the standard direction so we silent out the Flip part.


Flop Spin

Flop Spin is simply the opposite direction of the Flip Spin direction.

Again, please look at your right hand.

It is the direction from the thumb to the little finger going through behind the hand.

Since Flip Spin direction is the standard in Asalato, we need to mention the term Flop when talking about the Flop Spin tricks.

For example, Flop Spin direction Air Turn is "Flop Air Turn". Also Flop Spin direction Heli is called "Flop Heli".

However, there are some trick that we do not say Flop even though it is a Flop Spin direction trick.
Peace is one of them. The Flip Spin direction Peace is called Flip Peace or Beef.