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Where to Start

buy oneI believe most of you who came here are still new with Asalato, or maybe never even played Asalaso.
No problem, you came to the right place!

Here, we are assuming you already own an Asalato. If not, click the link below.

Where to buy Asalato?


OK, lets start!


basicUnderstand the Basics

Learning and Understanding the basic is always the first step.
Asalato also has couple basic knowledge to understand before going in to the detail.

First of all, you must know how to hold the Asalato.

There are four main positions in Asalato, but only the standard position is important at the beginning.

Asalato Position

Also, understanding the Spin Direction of Asalato is important to follow the instructions for the tricks.

Spin Direction

If you already know how to hold an Asalato, let's try some tricks!


Learning Asalato Tricks kagewaza

There are so many tricks in Asalato.
In this site, I have separated them into different categories so that people can practice each tricks step by step.

For a beginner, you probably want to start from the one hand tricks.

One Hand Tricks

Start from the Beginner/Basic tricks and be comfortable with Asalato.
Especially master the Flip-Flop since it is the most basic and important trick.


Master the Rhythm

highfanaIf you want to go another step further, maybe it is time to understand the Rhythm Length of each tricks.

Rhythm Length

Understanding the Rhythm Length is the first step to play Asalato along with other rhythm or instrument.

If you able to master this skill, you are ready for a session with other Asalato player, or even playing along with a radio.

It takes a lot of practice to keep the beat, but once you master it you will see the new world of Asalato.line

Ready for more? Then let's start the Dual Asalato.trick

Dual Asalato 101

Dual Asalato is one of the main goal for all Asalatists.

Playing Asalato with two hands is like moving into another dimension.
More fun, more rhythm, and more creativity.

Here is page that explains each steps for practicing dual Asalato.

Dual Asalato