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Two Hand Play - Dual Asalato

Great thing about Asalato is that it becomes 100 times fun when playing with two hands.
Much more rhythms are possible, combinations becomes unique and complicated, and especially it entertains more people.

The biggest problem is,
it takes a lot of practice to get used to the multi-tasking!!

When I first started Asalato, I only practice one hand tricks for a year.
It is very important to increase the success rate of the tricks before starting the complicated moves.
If you are having problem with playing Asalato with two hands, its okay. Its something that comes along after enough practice.


For those who wants to learn how to dual Asalato, I know a great way to start.
I'm assuming most of you already know how to play Asalato with one hand.


1) Learn how to match the rhythm.

First, please look at this you tube video.

The left hand is only doing Heli while the right hand is doing random tricks.

Able to do this is the first step to play Asalato with two hands.
This practice is good for two things.

1) Helps the brain to be ready to multi-task
2) Left hand will learn to match the rhythm with the right hand.

Let's try to do at least Flip Flop, Air Turn, Den Den and Peace while doing Heli with the other hand.


2) Increase the success rate of the left hand tricks

Once getting used to matching the rhythm, it is now to increase the success rate of the left hand tricks.

One hand is going to be the teacher and the other hand is going to be the student.

The way I practiced is by doing a same trick with two hands, over and over.
Simple but promising solution.

This will increase the success rate and also make the brain get used to do two things at the same time.
You might want to start from dual Flip-Flop since it is the most basic trick.


3) Feel and Understand the Delay

If you are ready for this section, you are very close from mastering the Dual Asalato.

Feeling and Understanding the Delay is a very important step to create your own rhythm.
Delay has a power to change the rhythm. Delay can slow down the rhythm, or even speed up sometimes.

I would like to restate that Flip Flop has a same Rhythm Length as 3 Heli

This is very important.

With that in your mind, lets look at the following video.

The left hand is constantly doing Flip Flop while the right hand is adding a Heli between some of the Flip Flops.

After 3 Heli, the delay no longer exists and both hand will have matching sound.

It sounds like there is nothing special, but in fact it is the most important concept to understand when starting Dual Asalato.

Hint: Air Turn = 2 Heli, Flip Flop = Air Turn + Heli, 2 Flip Flop = 3 Air Turn, and so on...