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Where to buy an Asalato?

I'm very very happy that you are interested in buying an Asalato!

Well, where can you buy one?

Unfortunately its not something you can buy at a market or a mall.
You might be able to buy it at some of the beach, but most likely not...

But don't worry! There is still a way to get one!

The best way is to get one by ordering on the internet.

So, let me introduce couple places that sells Asalato online.

Most of the high quality Asalato are interestingly only sold at Japan.

楽器屋JunJun (Gakkiya JunJun)

民族楽器コイズミ (Minzoku Gakki Koizumi)


Patica World



楽器屋JunJun (Gakkiya JunJun)


Gakkiya JunJun is my greatest recommendation for buying an Asalato.

Actually, I order almost all of my Asalato from this place.

They have mainly three kinds of Asalato, the Select model, the Standard model, and the Bargain type.

Select model allows you to choose a string and size of the ball.

For a beginner, I recommend the Standard or the Bargain model.
In the Standard model, you are able to choose from three different sizes that matches your hand the most.

The payment can be done by Pay pal.
The owner is a very nice guy.
He will contact you with an E-mail to remind you the estimate amount for the purchase and the shipping cost.
Very good price for such a high quality Asalato!

If you having problem ordering because of the language, please contact me and I can help you.

Bargain Model              Standard Model

bargain    standard


民族楽器コイズミ (MInzoku Gakki Koizumi)koizumi


MInzoku Gakki Koizumi is the Core of the ethnic musical instrument shop in Japan.

I have never saw such online shop that provides so many unique instruments from all over the world!

The owner of this shop is actually a famous Asalatist from Japan; his name is Hibiki (響).
Check out his youtube video too.

They sell so many different kinds of unique Asalato.

The list of all Asalato can be access from this link.
Of couse they sell the usual Asalato, but let me introduce couple of unique Asalato that I found from this shop.

Hemp Patica: Patica made out of Hemp instead of plastic. One of the kind that every Asalatist wish to own. Nature friendly Asalato.


Cork Asalato: Will not make any clack sound, but you can order with or with out the shake sound. Great for midnight Asalato :p

cork asalato

Wooden Asalato: Never saw it before... Very very unique...

wooden asalato

Hibiki also provides an Asalato Class in Japan. He is definitely one of the leading edge Asalatist in the world.





ASIAZACCA is another Japanese site that sells unique kinds of Asalato.

Of course the standard Asalato, but also Cork Asalato and LED Asalato!

Cork Asalato allows you to play Asalato at mid night next to your parents and get no complains.

LED Asalato,,, maybe useful for Rave parties!

The Asalato that they sell are also used by a famous group called HIFANA.
This proves that there are no doubt they sell good quality Asalato.

There is a section to translate the website into English.
Please visit by to see all the unique items!

asiaasalatoStandard Asalato

LED Asalato                           Cork Asalato (manner mode)

LED    colk


Patica World

Patica World is the official Japanese/English web site for Patica.

Patica is basically a practice version of Asalato.
I personally never used Patica so I don't know how it sounds, but it should have a good quality sound.

The best thing about this site is that they have so many different kinds.

Different color, Different size, Different string, See Trough style, Half and Half, and more and more.

medama   happy

You can spend for ever just looking at all those different Patica styles.
They even have Asalato lesson DVD's!

Also sells regular Asalato, but I think its a little bit expensive.


Also couple online shops I found that sells Asalato.


Rhythm House Drums

African Rhythm Traders

Anansi Beat


If you know any other good places to buy an Asalato, please let me know so that I can introduce to the people who needs one!