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Air Turn

I think Air Turn is the coolest trick of all Asalato tricks.
It is very very useful, it has cool motion, and many people will ask you what's going on when you show it off.

First, start out with any of the Flip spin tricks.

Right when the Asalato goes around the thumb and hits the other one, smack out the holding Asalato. The Asalato that gets smacked out should go through the index and the middle finger.

Air Turn 1 Open between the fingers as much as you can

Air Turn 2 Momentum is also important.

Remember to hold the other Asalato with your index finger, so that both of your Asalato won't fly out from you hand.

While the Asalato is still returning from its spin, quickly grab the Asalato in your hand with the rest of the fingers.

Air Turn 3 Thumbs up!

When the Asalato comes in front of the hand, slide back the string that is in between the index and middle finger so that you can return to the original form.

Air Turn 4 Quickly release the index finger from the Asalato.

Cool, right!?

I know it's a fun and cool trick, but don't smack the Asalato too hard, or else the Asalato will crack! Air Turn is one of the main causes for it to crack :P

Better angle video

Difficulty +++--
Usefulness +++++
Uniqueness ++---
Rhythm Length 2