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Flip Flop

Known as,

"The Most Important Trick of Asalato!!"

There is no doubt that Flip Flop is the most basic/important trick.

I will declare here that anyone who first start Asalato must first learn Flip Flop.

yet, its hard.

It seems like the basics are always hard what ever you do.

Skateboarding: Ollie. hard!
Swimming: Crawling. hard!
Studying: Language. hard!

Anyway, enough with that.


How to Flip Flop.

Start with the Standard Position.

flip flop 1 Move Forward!

Move your hand forwards by Only using the elbow.

Then quickly pull back the hand while the bottom Asalato is moving toward behind the hand,

flip flop 2 Move Backword!

When the Asalato is behind the hand, move the hand forward.

flip flop 3 Move Forward!

flip flop 6 Different angle

flip flop 4 wait for it.... wait for it...

Finally, right before the Asalato hits each other, pull the hand back!

flip flop 5 Move Backword!

repeat the above steps....

While these entire movements, Neve Ever twist the wrist.

If you twist the wrist, it will become a trick called Den Den which is a completly different trick.


Important tips
1) Never twist the wrist! Even a bit. Only use your elbow for Flip-Flop.
2) While the Asalato makes two clack sound (Flip and Flop), the hand will move
back and forward three times. Two clack, Three shake.
3) It is hard, but never give up!

Example video.


Different angle version.

Difficulty +++--
Usefulness +++++
Uniqueness +----
Rhythm Length 3