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Helicopter (Heli)

If Flip-Flop is the meat of the Hamburger, Heli is the bread part.
It wraps other tricks together to make a complete rhythm.

Heli is not a hard trick too. Simply spin your hand at the Open Standard Position
like a Helicopter. It makes the seed sound but no clack sound. It is used for the
mute part of the Rhythm, which is very very important.

Heli is always Rhythm Length 1, which means if you want to match the rhythm
with a 4/4 speed music, you need to Heli 4 times during each phrase.

Flip-Flop is the most basic trick, but Heli is more frequently used than any other
tricks. You start with Heli, and end with Heli.

The standard spin direction for Heli is toward Flip direction.
The first sound after the Heli will be at the thumb side.

Of course Flop direction Heli (Flop Heli) can be used too.

Difficulty -----
Usefulness +++++
Uniqueness -----
Rhythm Length 1