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The concept of Knock here is same as knocking the door.
Make the clack sound by knocking the Asalato to each other using the index finger.

Start with the standard position, but remember to make a space between the two Asalato.
You can do this by higher the upper Asalato and stretch the string.

knock open

Then quickly lower the index finger and smack the two Asalato.

knock close Clack!

Very simple, yet very useful.

This trick allows you to make a clack sound anytime you want without using the moving the elbow or the wrist.

It is one of the traditional tricks that came from Africa.
Mastering Knock makes it easier to create your own rhythm.

Do not smack the Asalato out of the hand. That will become a trick called Shoot.

Difficulty -----
Usefulness ++++-
Uniqueness ++---
Rhythm Length Any!