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Peace is one of my favorite tricks. It is a very fun trick that you can repeat forever!

First, hold your Asalato with Reverse Position.
Then do a Flop Heli.

Peace 1 Spin Spin...

In order to go to the next step, the string must slide out between the index and middle finger so that Asalato can spin above the index finger.

Peace 2 Slide!

I call this a Peace Spin.

Now, right when the Asalato is swinging away from the index finger, stretch both index and middle fingers out!

Peace 3

Peace 4 Switch!

If you succeed, the grabbing Asalato and the spinning Asalato will be switched.

The spin is still in the same motion as Peace Spin, so you can continually do another Peace and repeat it over and over again. could immediately continue to the next Peace.

Peace 5


The video below starts out from the Peace Spin.

Video with better angle

Difficulty ++---
Usefulness +++--
Uniqueness +++--
Rhythm Length 2 (4 when starting)