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What's Asalato?

oncoba spinosaAsalato is a traditional African Instrument made out of Oncoba Spinosa shell.
It is a simple instrument that can create an African Rhythm and Sound.

Asalato became very popular in Japan around the 90's and this cultural mix has created many new tricks and rhythms.

Today, Asalato is more than just an African traditional instrument.
Many communities for Asalato exists such as Asalato Class, Asalato Cafe, Asalato Club, Asalato Night, and more.

For a more detailed information about Asalato, please visit the Wikipedia.

How to play Asalato?

playasalatoAsalato looks like two balls connected by a rope.
The rope goes between the index and the middle finger while one ball stays on the palm.

Asalato Position

When you shake the hand forwards and backwards, two balls will hit each other and creates a clack sound.

Asalato becomes more fun when you learn how to do tricks. There are spinning tricks, switching tricks, or even throwing tricks.
Most tricks have their own rhythm, and combining these tricks allows you to make your own creative beat.

For more clear example, check out this video

Why play Asalato?

banzaiBecause it's Fun! it's Easy! and it's the Root of all instrument!!!
Any body can play Asalato; children, the elderly, and teens of any ages.

You can take Asalato anywhere with you. Slide it in your pocket and practice anytime, anywhere.

It is very important to keep the rhythm when playing an instrument, yet it is not an easy thing to practice.
Playing Asalato can strength your rhythm skills which is the most important skill for playing any instruments.

I say Asalato is similar to Drums in someway, the beat that Asalato can create will take you to a new world.

Where can I buy Asalato?

Great! It seems like you are interested to playing Asalato!

Everything you need to know about Asalato is in this web site.

Let's start from Where to Start page!